To Strengthen Your Attention Span, Stop Overtaxing It

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Attention is a mental muscle. You can strengthen it, but not if it’s fatigued.

Cynthia Kivland‘s insight:

An activity I often coach leaders, or anyone for that matter, is called the pause.- a great technique to strenthen your focus.


The Pause

 ” The Pause”   can be done anywhere you have privacy in 3 minutes. Sit down, keep your back straight, and put your feed on the floor and your palms upwards in your lap. Start by being utterly still; just breathe deeply and be with yourself.   Relax, and breathe with your diaphragm, breathe deeply. Shut your eyes and count to 7 slowly as you breathe in.  Then count to 10 slowly as you exhale through your nose.   Concentrate only on your breath.  When thoughts come into your mind, just push them away, just like you would move an item on your computer screen.  and concentrate again on your breathing.  Feel your breath, focus on your breath.  Count to 7 as you inhale, count to 10 as you exhale. Focus ONLY on the sensation of your breath.  Some people find it helpful to visualize exhaling negativity and inhaling a golden replenishing light.


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