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In Smart2Smarter, learn to develop the seven SMARTER career skills and build emotional and social connections to bring your humanity into the workplace. Cynthia Kivland shares her wisdom in a practical format giving leaders, employees, students, coaches, EAP counselors or consultants the knowledge, tools and actions needed to thrive – not just survive – in the global workplace.

SMARTER Skills combine the passion of the heart with the intellect of the brain and the reciprocity of relationships. Each chapter includes activities to master the following seven SMARTER career skills:

  • Self: Do your emotions strengthen or derail your personal best?
  • Mastery: Can you master emotions, thoughts and actions to move forward?
  • Attraction: Are you attracting an environment that ignites your own and others’ personal best?
  • Resilience: Are you able to adapt, reinvent and renew during a change or setback?
  • Tolerance: Do you accept, acknowledge and appreciate your own and others’ humanity?
  • Evolve: Do you seek opportunities to innovate, initiate and improve yourself, your company and community?
  • Reciprocity: Are you able to teach and be taught, lead and be lead, receive and give?

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