Should Leaders Bring Their Emotions to Work?

Ever wonder why some of the most brilliant, very smart people aren’t promoted to leadership, while those with fewer obvious “IQ” skills climb the professional ladder? Cynthia Kivland, author Smart2Smarter: Seven Positive Emotions Every Employers Wants, also pondered the very same thing.   Leaders, individuals and scholars have asked Cynthia Kivland,   “What prompted you to write your book about smart people?”

BookCoverImage2012Over the last 25 years, my leadership clients have spanned a range of professions, including scientists, programmers, professors, CEOs, CFOs, presidents, financial analysts and engineers. Each of these individuals had “advanced college degrees” and were deemed high achievers by their peers. These smart leaders did not intentionally set out to derail their careers, but do so as a result of unhealthy behaviors and habits that take their career off track.

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