Seven Emotions Every Employer Wants- ASTD Learning Week- Dec 6, 2012

Seven  Emotions Every Employer Wants!

ASTD Learning Week  December 6, 2012 at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

This event requires registration via ASTD!

Consider the traditional formula for career and leadership success as cognitive intelligence, an analytical, detached decision style, often at people and not with people. Most important, you did not show emotional sensitivity, you were not transparent so people knew what you really meant and you did not focus on understanding others first to build rapport. However, to achieve great and meaningful careers requires SMARTER Skills and SMARTER Emotions!
The SMARTER skills of social and emotional intelligence are the ability to intentionally understand and manage social interactions and our emotional impact skillfully. The key word in the above sentence is “intentionality”. Working smarter is intentionally being aware of the impact you are having on others and adjusting your style to get the best results with people and not through people.
During this program you learn about the research that led to seven SMARTER Positive Emotions Every Employer Wants and Every Employee Needs.  You will gain skills to train the brain for more “AHa” moments to evolve your career, and less “Oh No” moments that de- rail your career.   You will receive a free SMARTER Emotions assessment and several techniques to move from smart to SMARTER.

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