McDonald’s and Emotional Intelligence- a SMARTER Way


McDonald’s: Bottom line performance, emotional intelligence and climate

We can’t depend on individuals coming to work just ‘knowing’ how to manage people. You need to equip your leaders with the skills to actually LEAD people — that’s called Emotional Intelligence. There is serious science and proven practice to this — I am going to Harvard in June for the NexusEQ Conference to experience and lead a workshop.  Join me?


Box with a Hamburger and French FriesA three-year study of AMADORI, a supplier of McDonald’s in Europe, assesses links between emotional intelligence, individual performance, organizational engagement, and organizational performance.  Emotional intelligence was found to predict 47% of the variation in manager’s performance management scores.  Emotional intelligence was also massively correlated with increased organizational engagement with 76% of the variation in engagement predicted by manager EQ.  Finally, plants with higher organizational engagement achieved higher bottom-line results building a link between EQ->Engagement->Performance.  During this period, employee turnover also dropped by 63%.  Contact Cynthia Kivland to learn how to increase your organizational EI!

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