Excellent Pay, Now What? Three Things Employees Want More Than Just Money

It’s long been known that people want and expect more from work than money. Whether an organization likes it or not, employees are always taking the proverbial temperature; asking themselves the critical question – how does this organization make them feel?

Does the organization positively add to their experience or is it single-handedly making them long for greener pastures? Whether they have the ability to leave today or are making plans to do so in the near future, there’s a huge chance that the ultimate decision will have less to do with money than one may think.
At all levels of the organization, engagement, motivation, and loyalty to the firm are always center stage. According to a study done by Amabile and Kramer1, out of close to 700 managers interviewed, only 8% understood what motivates employees in their organizations. So besides extrinsic motivations such as salary and benefits, what are the top intrinsic (emotional) motivators and expectations employees have when it comes to the world of work?  Download this white paper  about the three things employees want just as much as money.http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3938500/White-Paper


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