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Coaching helps you navigate the “crossroads of your life” Cynthia Kivland

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Are you at a crossroads?

  • Are you ready to be a more engaged and emotionally intelligent leader?
  • Are you stuck on whether to change careers or jobs?
  • Do you want to feel more resilient and happy throughout your career and life?

Any of these situations can be viewed as a problem or a challenge. Our goal is to have you  feel and believe you CAN choose the SMARTER path. The outcome is to reclaim the personal power to choose how you respond, how you connect and how you act.

Smart2Smarter coaching is all about shifting from a fear or problem mindset to a growth and hopeful mindset.  We coach you to attract the environment and people that inspire your own and others greatness.  Our coaching services acknowledge the client as the expert in their life and work.  We truly believe in the humanity and potential of every client.

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