Civil Workplaces Attract Top Talent

employee involvementCivil Workplaces Attract Top Talent

Over the past years workplaces have realized that “civility” does impact attracting and retaining top talent. As workplaces move towards interdependency, combined with the vulnerability of the economy, employees are attracted to workplaces that are perceived as “civil”.  Recent research further indicates that workplaces that are perceived as “civil” not only attract more qualified candidates, these candidates tend to stay with the organization longer and perform at higher levels.

Workplace attractiveness is an optimistic attitude or a positive emotion an individual has towards an organization (Aiman-Smith et al. 2001).  It is a job seeker’s estimate of how well they “feel” their personal needs, talents and values fit the organization’s culture.  What we know is that the best job candidates are those who not only possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities, but whose personal values and characteristics are compatible with the workplace culture (McGinty and Reitsch 1992). A recent study (Catanzaro, Moore, Marshall, 2010) indicates the majority of men and women reported stronger interest in working for the supportive and civil organizations.  Furthermore, Aon’s 2011 Global Risk Management Survey on the Top 10 Risks for business ranks seventh the failure to attract or retain top talent.

This research trends well with the current focus on civility, bullying and psychologically healthy workplaces.  The bottom line is that  workplaces who create and nurture a culture that focuses on collaboration, teamwork, and balancing one’s career and family,  will gain a competitive edge in recruiting, attracting, and retaining a diverse sample of highly-qualified job candidates. A civil culture is important for workplaces and employees alike:  to make sure that workplaces and people are not only creative, connected and committed, but also durable, resilient and fast reacting to face the next decade with optimism and confidence.

How does civiity show up in your workplace?

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