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In Smart2Smarter, learn to develop the seven SMARTER career skills and build emotional and social connections to bring your humanity into the workplace. Cynthia Kivland shares her wisdom in a practical format giving leaders, employees, students, coaches, EAP counselors or consultants the knowledge, tools and actions needed to thrive – not just survive – in the global workplace.

SMARTER Skills combine the passion of the heart with the intellect of the brain and the reciprocity of relationships. Each chapter includes activities to master the following seven SMARTER career skills:

  • Self: Do your emotions strengthen or derail your personal best?
  • Mastery: Can you master emotions, thoughts and actions to move forward?
  • Attraction: Are you attracting an environment that ignites your own and others’ personal best?
  • Resilience: Are you able to adapt, reinvent and renew during a change or setback?
  • Tolerance: Do you accept, acknowledge and appreciate your own and others’ humanity?
  • Evolve: Do you seek opportunities to innovate, initiate and improve yourself, your company and community?
  • Reciprocity: Are you able to teach and be taught, lead and be lead, receive and give?

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Excellent Pay, Now What? Three Things Employees Want More Than Just Money

It’s long been known that people want and expect more from work than money. Whether an organization likes it or not, employees are always taking the proverbial temperature; asking themselves the critical question – how does this organization make them feel?

Does the organization positively add to their experience or is it single-handedly making them long for greener pastures? Whether they have the ability to leave today or are making plans to do so in the near future, there’s a huge chance that the ultimate decision will have less to do with money than one may think.
At all levels of the organization, engagement, motivation, and loyalty to the firm are always center stage. According to a study done by Amabile and Kramer1, out of close to 700 managers interviewed, only 8% understood what motivates employees in their organizations. So besides extrinsic motivations such as salary and benefits, what are the top intrinsic (emotional) motivators and expectations employees have when it comes to the world of work?  Download this white paper  about the three things employees want just as much as money.http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3938500/White-Paper


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Emotional Intelligence Puts Care Back in Healthcare

Emotional intelligence can help healthcare organizations deliver better service while achieving superior outcomes. Leaders and front-liners alike should harness the power of EQ through rigorous training and a patient-centered mindset.  Click here to learn more:


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The Mindful Path to Happiness

We would all like to be happier in our personal and professional lives, even those of us who already love what we do, or are content with personal accomplishments. As the year comes to a close, we often become more introspective: what do we want to do more/less of next year? What worked, and what didn’t?Richard Davidson of The Center for Investigating Healthy Minds is a research pioneer on the benefits of meditation. One positive outcome of meditation that’s piqued his interest is happiness.Mirabai Bush spoke with Richard for the series Working with Mindfulness: Research and Pract

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How can you get out of your head and choose compassion towards others in 2015?

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Should Leaders Whistle While They Work? Absolutely!!


whistle-while-you-work1In the 1937 Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” the dwarfs sang the tune “Whistle While You Work. Is it possible that Walt Disney understood the Science of Mindful Attention by Adele Diamond?  “That what nourishes the human spirit, the whole person, it turns out, also hones our minds.”  Read the entire article and share how you get your leaders to Whistle While They Work!

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