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Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to teach very smart people or high achievers the smarter habits that increase self efficacy, emotional freedom, positive intelligence, resilience, social tolerance, evolution and reciprocity.  S2S mission is guided by a positive psychology approach and the belief that organizations and people thrive when they “feel successful and significant”.  Success is defined by being the best in the world, and Significant is defined as being the best for the world.  The goal is a mindset and culture that is respectful, civil and hopeful.

Location and Customer Base

S2S is a USA company based in Chicago, and has clients and staff globally. The business offers on site and public training, in-person and virtual coaching, along with online and on demand learning.  S2S  has built an online community dedicated to develop the seven SMARTER skills.  Currently, S2S has over 2,000 LinkedIn followers, and LinkedIn groups:  Emotionally Intelligent Workplaces,  Workplace Humanity Coach and Resilient Workplace Network.

Weekly Blog and Radio Show

Cynthia writes a weekly blog currently entitled SMARTER EQ Living that emphasizes the practical professional, leadership and cultural benefits of emotional and social intelligence.

Listen to Cynthia’s monthly EQ Living Audio tips at Change Your Attitude Change Your Life, on AM970, the 3rd largest station for it’s format in the NY market.

Best Year Ever

She is on the Leadership Faculty, American College of Healthcare Executives, EQ Moderator Trainer,Liautaud Institute,  University of Illinois,  Lake Forest Graduate School of  Management, Teeam Member Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life and member of EmoNet and the Humanitarian Psychology Consortium.

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