Your Job Outlook Gets Brighter with Emotional Intelligence

Your Job Outlook Gets Brighter with Emotional Intelligence

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According to recent research by Online Colleges, employers want employees who do more than “show up” to work. They want employees who show up with their “head and their heart”. This requires a new kind of smart that is grounded in social and emotional intelligence.

Daniel Goleman, grandfather of emotional intelligence (EQ) states “At best, intelligence (IQ) contributes 20% to the factors that determine career success, which leaves 80% to other factors.” This program will explore those “other factors – “the must have employability skills” wanted by most employers in all industries and at all levels.

During this program you will learn:

  • The EQ skills employers look for on a resume
  • Why EQ matters to career success and significance
  • How to promote and develop EQ accomplishments to brighten your job outlook.
  • Bonus: Receive a SMARTER EQ Career Assessment!

One More Reason to Attend: Learn how to deliver a career or college success program entitled: “Social and Emotional Intelligence: The SMARTER Skills Every Employer Wants
and Every Employee Needs.”

I look forward to meeting you! Cynthia Kivland, Board Certified Coach, Author, EQ Enthusiast

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