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Social Emotional Resilience Coach Certification

Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach (SER)

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Course Approvals

This coach training program is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Board Certified Coach, and National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).

Eventbrite - Join the next Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach program- starts April 23, 2013!Ready to Register? Let’s chat about the different programs to see what certification route is best for you! Call 815-459-8843 or Contact Us! 
Register 20 days before any Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach Certification class and save $200.00.  Code Save200.

Your Instructor:

Cynthia Kivland, MCC, BCC, NBCC

Founder and President Smart2Smarter Coaching, Training and Assessment Author   Smart2Smarter: Seven SMARTER Emotions  Every Employer Wants

About Your Lead Instructor: Cynthia Kivland,President, Smart2Smarter: Talent  Services is an accomplished organizational, performance, and training professional with over 25 years experience.  She holds advanced degrees and certifications including Master Certified Counselor, Board Certified Coach, Certified Talent and Leadership Coach, Graduate Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, Certification as Online Course Instructor, and Certified Teleclass Leader. She has advanced training and expertise in emotional and social intelligence, career entrepreneurs, coaching smart people, positive psychology and emotional tolerance. Customers who have partnered with Ms. Kivland included GE Medical Systems, Federal Reserve, Children’s Health Systems, Siemens, Caremark, Morningstar, Allstate, American College Healthcare Executives,  Knight Foundation and Bosch. She is on the American College of Healthcare Executives Leadership programs.

Course Schedule   United States and Canada


  • Wednesday April 29 – July 1 2015 11:00- 1:00 p.m. CST
  • Wednesday April 29 – July 1 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. CST

If you live outside of the USA or Canada or prefer a group coach certification, connect with us at 815-459-8843 or email  to discuss options for an in-house or public  class at your location or for your association.


Eventbrite - Join the next Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach program- starts April 23, 2013!
Register 20 days before any Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach Certification class and save $200.00.  Code Save200.

Option One: Social Emotional Resilience Coach Certification

Includes ten live online interactive classes, five buddy coaching sessions, materials, (4) EQ standardized assessments and (2) mentor coaching sessions. (value $400)

Regular Price: $1795.00

Military, Government, Non Profit: $1595.00

  1. Option Two: Social Emotional Resilience Coach and EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Certification

Includes all of  option #1 plus 16 live EQ-i 2.0 certification webinar hours and (two) one hour coach feedback sessions.

Click here for full 16 hour EQ-I 2.0 and 360 course description.

Regular Price: $2995.00

Military, government, nonprofit, academia:  $2795.00

Choice two qualifies for the 30 hour Board Certified Coach program requirements. 

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

Learn about the BCC application process and requirements. 

NBCC certified counselors who want or do offer coaching services, can obtain the  Board Certified Coach by completing this program.

Do you qualify for this 30-hour Board Certified Coach Certification program?

  • You are an NBCC
  • You have a full professional counselor license, e.g. LCPC, LCP, LPCC, LMHC
  • You have a Master’s or Ph.D. in Counseling
  • You have 30 hours of post degree coaching experience working with individuals, groups or organizations
  • You have a Doctorate in a social or behavioral science, such as social work, education, health, or business.

Option Three: Social Emotional Resilience Coach and EQ-i 2.0 Assessment Certifications

Board Certified Coach (BCC)

: 60 hour course includes all of the above plus Case Study, reflection paper and Mentor coaching

This 60 hour program qualifies for Board Certified Coach designation.   Learn about the BCC application process and requirements.

Qualifications for this 60-hour Board Certified Coach Certification program.

  • Do you hold a masters degree in social or behavioral sciences such as business, management, social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, medicine, health and wellness, education and law.

Regular Price: $3495.00

Military, government, nonprofit, academia:  $3295

Ready to Register? Let’s chat about the different programs to see what certification route is best for you! Call 815-459-8843 or Contact Us!
Register 30 days before any Board Certified Social Emotional Resilience Coach Certification class and save $200.00.  Code Save200.
Register 20 days before any Board Certified SEI Coach Certification class and save $200.00


SMARTER Community Members

Why Choose this Course

The Social and Emotional Intelligence Board Certified Coach Resilience Course© follows the principles of positive psychology coaching to engage counselors,  coaches, career practitioners and consultants to master their own emotional and social intelligence and then,  learn how to coach and develop others.

This coach certification course focuses on the role of emotions and social behavior in order to lead with one’s humanity and connect with civility- at work, in relationships and throughout one’s career.   Drawn from research in psychology, social psychology, sociology, coaching and organizational theory, this course starts by building a foundation about emotional and social intelligence.  You will then learn how to use, interpret and coach clients using not one, but four standardized assessment tools that measure social and emotional intelligence, along with how EQ relates to the MBTI and stress.©

You will also gain coaching tools, templates and guides, based on the book, Smart2Smarter, on the seven emotional and social intelligence skills every person needs and every employer wants.  You will receive training and coaching materials to deliver workshops or EQ presentations.

Most important, you will further develop your own, and then learn how to develop your clients “emotional and social smarts” to achieve success and significance.

Who Attends:

It is designed for career practitioners, counselors or coaches,  leadership coaches, executive coaches, leaders or consultants who work with clients  who want (or need) to increase their  social and emotional intelligence  to increase their employability,  advance in their career or prevent career derailment.

Past graduates have been from Australia, Canada, United States, Germany and England including human resources, organizational consultants, and leadership, life, college counselors, career coaches, conflict and personal coaches.

What You Receive

This certification program combines knowledge, feedback, and practice to achieve proficiency in emotional and social intelligence coaching, aligned with ICF and BBC core competencies. You will be equipped with advanced coaching techniques, activities, and tools to help leaders, career, college, and/or private clients use the intelligence of emotions and power of social connections to achieve career success and significance.

  • Learn specific coaching strategies, skills, and techniques to enhance your own and your client’s social and emotional intelligence.
  • Apply the Positive Psychology coach approach using the SOLUTION AND FOCUS models.
  • Learn and apply the PRACTICE model as a positive coach approach to designing actions.
  • Experience four Social and Emotional Intelligence assessments with clients.  Talent Smart EQ Appraisal, EQ-1 2.0, StressScan and Talent Accelerator, and the Conflicts Dynamics Inventory. (Combined Coaching and Assessment certification program includes EQ-i 2.0  assessment certification training)
  • Understand what emotions are, where they come from and how to manage your emotional iceberg “stories”.
  • Assesses your hot buttons that trigger an emotional hijacking, and techniques to get back to your best self.
  • Understand how social and emotional intelligence are core employability and leadership skills that employers really want.
  • Learn and apply the seven behavioral competencies of the SMARTER social and emotional intelligence process.
  • Learn to design an emotional and social intelligence action plan using online, coaching books and a coaching feedback guide.
  • Deepen your understanding and application of social and emotional intelligence through dialogue, discussion leader, field work and assignments, peer coaching activities, self-reflection and case study
  • Learn and apply the Thrive vs. Survive Coaching framework.
  • Learn how to apply the “power of attraction” as a Sell coaching tool.
  • Identify your thinking style and the impact to emotional resiliency.
  • Build emotional literacy skills in the critical areas of toleration and empathy.
At the completion of this course, you will not only learn how to incorporate these “must have” skills into your own life, leadership style and coaching practice, but personally practice these skills as you take the course.


  • webinar or teleclass based coach training
  • audio/video case studies, scenarios, expert speakers,  subliminal audios, marketing material  and training resources
  • mentor coaching
  • onsite training available

Assessment Materials included in registration fee: ( $300.00 value)

  • EQ-1 Workplace Coach Report
  • TalentSmart EQ Report
  • Conflict Dynamics Inventory and Guide
  • Stress Scan and Talent Accelerator
  • 10 course workbooks ($100 value)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Type
  • 5 EQ Appraisal and Coaching Guides: 1) What Are You Thinking Appraisal 2) Be Your Potential and Values Engagement 3) Emotional Burnout Inventory 4) Tolerant Communication Handbook, and 5) Career Health Inventory.  (value $50.00)
  • Over 90 social and emotional intelligence coaching tools and activities.

Participants will be asked to purchase several course texts.

 Additional Value-Ads:

  • Reading list and case studies: Class readings should be done before each class. Useful discussions follow only when everyone has completed all of the readings thoroughly and thoughtfully.
  • Coaching scenarios and templates
  • Five peer coaching sessions as coach and coachee
  • Business marketing tools

Participate as a Coach Leader

Coach leader(s) will be assigned after the second class. The job of the leader(s) is to guide a 30 minute discussion focusing on deeper, thought provoking coaching questions, to provide integration/synthesis of key themes emerging from the session’s readings and pre assignments. The discussion leader will prepare a list of discussion questions for the session and email them to instructor  prior to class.


Since this course is an advanced level, it is important that participants have some previous coursework and experience in coaching, leadership or counseling. A reasonable expectation for development of emotional and social intelligence skills is 3-6 months.

Ready to Register?  Let’s chat about the different programs to see what certification route is best for you! Call 815-459-8843 or Contact Us!


The course was insightful and powerful. I felt renewed and learned strategies to help clients become “whole.” When you understand your strengths and limitations and learn how to manage them, you are able to establish boundaries, gain courage, find your inner peace, and engage in stronger relationships.

~Dr. Renee’ Green, Hawaii, Military

The Certification program hits the bull’s eye when it comes to what individual contributors, team members, and business leaders need to demonstrate for optimal effectiveness in the workplace. The program utilizes the most coveted EQ text and coaching tools. You will acquire an advanced understanding and application of emotional intelligence to not just merely survive, but to THRIVE, as you encounter relational roadblocks, bumps, and hiccups along your career journey.

Human /resource and Talent Management Professional

“Cynthia was a fantastic facilitator and trainer of emotional intelligence coaching strategies. Her knowledge of the subject and ability to direct our mastery of the coaching skills was fantastic. The medium through which we learned was teleconference and Cynthia’s ability to connect with each participant, facilitate engagement and shared learning was great. I’d recommend Cynthia as a trainer to anyone.”

Human Resource Director

The class was so FULL of information, excellent information!! Cynthia was personable, brought life to the group, and had so much information. Definitely a must for anyone wanting to help others have a more productive and happier life! Thank YOU Cynthia!!”

Leadership Coach

The incredible amount of insight, practical skills and encyclopedic mind of Cynthia in this important course and generous sharing of resources made this class exceptional. 

~College Career Counselor, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, USA

“Cynthia’s knowledge, tools, and grace were outstanding assets to our February 24 program on, “30 Minute Business Dig”. She is not only an engaging guest, but a generous spirit who share invaluable insights with our audience. In addition, Cynthia provided follow-up materials to supplement the learning for our listeners! Looking forward to another opportunity to work with this extraordinary professional!”

Deborah Frey, Co-Host, 30 Minute Business Dig on

I had the pleasure of participating in the Certification course, facilitated by Cynthia Kivland. The information that Cynthia covered during the course was comprehensive and the resources/coaching tools she so kindly shared were amazing. In fact, the course far exceeded my expectations and I am extremely grateful for Cynthia to have shared both her wisdom and generosity with the powerful coaching tools she granted us access to. I can certainly see how EQ and other coaching tools we covered during the course will support my clients in accelerating their levels of success in the job market and the workplace. Thank you once again Cynthia for offering such an interesting and comprehensive course.

~Annemarie Cross, Career Management Specialist & EQ Career Strategist, Australia



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