Emotional Intelligence in an Outcome Based Environment

Cynthia shares her Case Study of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Using the MBTI and Firo-B.

Considerable attention has been devoted in recent years to the impacts of individuals’ “emotional intelligence (EI)” competencies and how they are used for successful performance – whether at work or in their private lives. In this section, we will provide an overview of key EI concepts and competencies that impact leaders’ development and performance in preparation for the content that follows.

One of the individuals who helped popularize the EI topic was Daniel Goleman in his first book entitled, Emotinal Intelligence (1996). In that work, Goleman cited the following key points relative to EI competencies and their application for leaders:

  • Goleman’s research in more than 500 organizations showed that EI accounts for more than 85 percent of outstanding performance in top leaders
  • EI is a better predictor of top performance than IQ
  • EI is two times as important to leadership effectiveness as IQ and technical expertise combined
  • EI is four times as important in terms of overall leadership success

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