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Positive Coach Approach:

Designing an exciting and inspiring future should be Fun!

We provide coaching solutions using the framework of positive psychology.  Positive psychology coaching is  strengths-based with a focus on positive emotions. Positive psychology was first explored by Abraham Maslow in 1954 with an emphasis on humanity’s potential, and the coining of the phrase .In 1998, Martin Seligman recognized again that psychological research had focused mostly on human weaknesses.  Martin launched positive psychology into the mainstream, and he is known as the “grandfather of positive psychology”.  He has devoted his career to explore human potential, believing people are destined to be resourceful, creative, emotionally connected and motivated to evolve.

Coaching helps you navigate the “crossroads of your life” Cynthia Kivland

Are you at a crossroads? 

  • Are you ready to be a more engaged and emotionally intelligent leader?
  • Are you stuck  or confused on whether to change careers or jobs?
  • Do you want to feel more resilient, alive  and happy throughout your career and life?

Any of these situations can be viewed as a problem or a challenge. Our goal is  for you to feel and believe you CAN choose the SMARTER path. The outcome is to reclaim the personal power to choose how you respond, how you connect and how you act.

Smart2Smarter coaching is all about shifting from a fear or problem mindset to a growth and hopeful mindset.  We coach you how to attract the environment and people that will inspire your own and others greatness.  Our coaching services acknowledge  the client as the expert in their life and work.  We truly believe in the humanity and potential of every client.

Smart2SMARTER offers one initial complimentary 30 minute coaching session for us to become acquainted and to determine if coaching is right for you. Contact us here.

Ready for Coaching

Ready to choose your path?

Let’s discuss how we can design a coaching  program for you, your leaders or your workplace!   Contact us here.

Coach Services

We provide coaching solutions through guided conversations using telephone, Skype, in house, or webinar mediums.

  • Clarify life-career goals connected to your passion, performance and potential
  • Optimize the intelligence of emotions to achieve greatness.
  • Administer and coach on assessments including the MBTI, EQ-I 2.0, FIRO-B, Strong Interest Inventory and other tools to assess abilities, interests, values and skills to evolve into your greatness.
  • Assist in developing an individualized career resilience resume and plan that build skills to increase your employability within your organization and profession.
  • Identify and resolve interpersonal conflicts or emotional triggers with assessments and behavioral coaching.
  • Deliver and coach on 360 leadership or emotional intelligence feedback with targeted development plans.
  • Provide assessments and coaching on job loss, stress management or resilience.
  • Provide coaching for emotionally intelligent leaders and teams.

 Our Standards

Smart2Smarter coaching adheres to the standards and ethics set by The International Coach Federation (ICF) and Board Certified Coach credentials.  Our coaches pledge to the Model Standards of Conduct for Professional Coaches.


SMARTER Community Members receive a 7% discount on coaching services

Coaching Clients Testimonials

Cynthia is a wonderful coach and teacher. She is very easy to work with, has a wealth of resources and approaches to share, and is very good at leading to the “aha!” moments. I would recommend her to individuals and companies.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Cynthia individually as well as on major organizational projects over a number of years. Always insightful from her observations as a career coach as well as an organizational consultant she is able to get to the critical aspect to help drive positive change. Her observations from her great book Smart2Smarter I highly recommend for both individuals and organizations looking for that critical edge in this competitive environment. Highly recommend. VP, HR Auto Manufacturing

“Cindee was my mentor for a year through a mentoring program my company was participating in. She had so many great ideas and tools for me to use to help me evaluate my current position and explore new ways to grow in my career and establish goals for where I wanted to head in the future. I continue to use the tools and resources that Cindee provided me, several of which have already helped me in making some changes in both my personal and professional situations. Pharmaceuticals

“Cynthia is deeply committed to making sure her clients needs are met. I partnered with her to solve some team issues that we had in a business unit. She offered some great assessments, insights and solutions. She delivered quality work that really made a difference with the team. The sponsor was very satisfied in the end and we really saw a difference in the behaviors of the team. This will always stand out to me as a success! Professional Services

“Cynthia served as an executive coach for myself. She was great to work with and provide insights on how I could changes that would have a positive impact on my career. I was also able to take some of the learnings and used them in my personal life which was very helpful. Within 6 months after finishing my work with Cynthia I was promote to a VP position. Pharmaceuticals

“Cynthia is the ultimate professional. She has great knowledge; not only in her field but takes the time needed to learn about her clients. She was positive and uplifting in a way that helped motivate me in a tough time. Cynthia used creative, modern and out of the box ideas during our learning sessions and continues to follow up now over 1 year later. Definitely recommended.” VP HR.  Technology

“Cynthia has worked with me for a couple of years and is a trusted advisor. She brings a reasoned and reasonable perspective to issues. I’m amazed at how frequently she derives incites from prior conversations or work she’s done with my department. CFO, Philanthropy



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