Six Reasons Why Leadership Training Fails

Where’s the Evidence for Leadership Training Outcomes?

About $12 billion annually is spent on leadership programs specifically on top leaders of the organization. (Jack Zenger, Forbes, 2012). However, only 20% of the skills or knowledge taught in leadership training programs is transferred into new leadership habits. If this statistic is true, then what are the top reasons leadership training investments are NOT transferred into sustained, supported permanent leadership habits?

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Cynthia Kivland, Director Consulting and Professional Services, Liautaud Institute



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Righting a Leadership Wrong- SMARTER Emotions Matter

boyatzis-resonant-leadershipAs a leadership and smarter emotions coach, I often work with leaders’ on how to manage “emotional moments of truth”. During a crucial conversation, people often experience the “emotional” flight, fight or flock reflex. The flight reflex turns into silence and/or avoidance, the fight reflex turns into violence, while during the flock response leaders avoid the truth, and flock to other leaders who share their beliefs. Read the entire article!  


How do you manage emotions to right a leadership wrong?

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Change Your Attitude Change Your Life- Spring Series


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Why Women Make Better Leaders- EQ Matters

Why Women Make Better Leaders- EQ Matters   

A Harvard Business Review study showed that a business group’s collective IQ went up when there were women on the team. And yet, only 12 of the Fortune 500 companies are run by women. So what are the other 488 missing out on?

This short video explores three reasons why women tend to use the intelligence of their emotions to lead with humanity and connect with civility.

Do you agree with the research?   Would love to hear your thoughts!

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